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50 bani 1881
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50 bani 1881 50 bani 1881
18 mm diameter, 2.5 g, silver 83.5%, copper 16.5%, grained edge
denomination "50 BANI", year 1881, ROMANIA, Romanian coat of arms, letter V standing for Vienna mint and wheat ear, the sign of Romanian mint, outer pearl circle
inscription "CAROL I DOMNUL ROMANIEI" meaning "PRINCE OF ROMANIA" and CAROL I head facing left, outer pearl circle. Under the neck lies KULLRICH, the engraver's name.

Mintage: 1.000.000 coins

In Moldavia the 50 bani coin was also called dutcă (dutce at the plural) or dupcă, recalling of some small Russian and Polish silver coins that also circulated in the Romanian Principalities. In Walachia it was also called băncuță.

The silver coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Radu Lissner.

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