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ASPRKASTRU coin, type II
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ASPRKASTRU coin, type II
~15 mm diameter, 1.25 g, copper
Obverse Moldavian coat of arms: urus head bearing a five ray star between its horns, the uneven ray pointing up, waning crescent at left and five petal rose at right (heraldic positioning); outer pearl circle

Reverse circular inscription ASPRKASTRU (with Cyrillic letters, with ligature between S and T), in center cross with even arms, with a dot between each pair of arms; outer pearl circle

MBR 576

The pictures of the coin above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of La Galerie Numismatique.

The most spread opinion is that these coins were struck around year 1450, in the times of the Moldavian ruler Alexander II (Alexăndrel, 1449 - 1455, with interruptions) or maybe Petru Aron (1451 - 1457, with interruptions). Asprokastron in Greek means Cetatea Albă (same meaning in Romanian and Greek = White Fortress). The fortress and city is the same as the ancient Greek colony of Tyras on River Nistru.

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