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half groat from Peter (Petru) II
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half groat (gros) from Peter (Petru) II
~15 mm diameter, 0.84 g
Obverse Moldavian coat of arms: urus head bearing a five ray star between its horns, the uneven ray pointing up, waning crescent at left and five petal rose at right (heraldic positioning); outer pearl circle

Reverse shield split vertically; three bars at right and sword or dagger at left; over the shield letter K, at heraldic left letter I; outer pearl circle

MBR 550a

The pictures of the coin above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of La Galerie Numismatique.

The half groat was struck by Petru (Peter) II, prince of Moldavia between 1443 and 1449 (with interruptions).

About Petru (Peter) II

Petru was son of Alexandru cel Bun. From 1443 until 1445 Petru ruled together with his brother Stephen II (Ștefan II) - the one who defeated Iliaș. Following the death of Stephen II, in 1447, Petru become ruler of the Highland (in the Lowland ruled Roman II, son of Iliaș). Peter is the one who gave the fortress of Chilia to Iancu (John) of Hunedoara (1407 - 1456) - his brother in law (Peter married a sister of Iancu). [Giurescu C., Giurescu D., Istoria românilor. (History of the Romanians), vol. 2, Editura științifică și enciclopedică, Bucharest, 1976.]

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