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shilling - Eustratie Dabija
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13x16 mm, 0.4 g, copper
Obverse Bearded horseman with bare head - the voivod himself, riding left (of the beholder), a urus head as coat of arms below;
between pearl circles crown and legend:

Reverse letter T and four points inside letter C;
between linear circles crown and legend:


This old Moldavian coin appears on Romanian coins site through the kind permission of an anonimous donor. This type of coin is mentioned at position 836a inside monograph Monede și bancnote românești, or at least a very resembling one.

Inside Racovițan Chronicle, attributed to Nicholas Muste, we read about these shillings: "There was a mint inside the fortress of Suceava, that was from Dabija-voivod, and made copper shillings, that only here, in the country, were circulating, 4 shillings to a good coin".

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