Istros - Julia Mamaea
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4 assaria - Julia Mamaea / eagle on dolphin
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4? assaria - Istros - Julia Mamaea / eagle on dolphin
23.1 mm, 11.09 g, bronze
Obverse: Julia Mamaea, diademed draped bust to the right, Greek legend IOVΛIA MAM MAIA CEBA

Reverse: eagle on dolphin, inscription ICTPI H NΩN

This ancient coin is present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Pavlos S. Pavlou.

The coin belongs to the category of provincial Roman coins, sometimes called Greek imperial. The coin corresponds to the description at number 193 in the Moushmov catalog and is described in AMNG I at position 520 (AMNG = Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, B. Pick, 1898).

About Julia Mamaea (? - 235)

Julia Mamaea was daughter of Julia Maesa (166 - 226), in her turn sister of Julia Domna (? - 217). Julia Mamaea was mother of Severus Alexander (205 - 234). From 222, year when Severus Alexander became emperor, Julia Mamaea actually ruled the empire as tutor of her son, helped by Julia Maesa. In 234 AD Severus Alexander was assasinated together with his mother and the throne was occupied by Maximinus Thrax.

About the legend on the coin's obverse

The legend accompanying the portrait of Julia Mamaea, IOVΛIA MAMMAIA CEBA, is the Greek translation of the Latin IVLIA MAMAEA AVGUSTA. The Latin word AUGUSTA was translated in Greek SEBASTE, AVG being replaced by CEBA.

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