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Tomis - 4 assaria - Gordian III and Tranquillina / Zeus
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Gordian III and Tranquillina / Zeus - 4 assaria - reverse
27.4 mm diameter, 12.34 g, bronze
Obverse: confronted busts of Gordian III and Sabinia Tranquillina, cuirassed and draped Gordian III to the right, draped Sabinia Tranquillina to the left, wearing "stephane" crown, legend AVTKMANTΩNIOCΓOPΔIANOC CABINIA TPA NKVΛ[ΛINA], outer pearl circle
Reverse: Zeus sitting on a throne without back, to the left, wearing himation, holding patera in the right hand, with scepter in the left hand, value D (Δ) into the field, legend MHTPOΠO NTOVTOM EΩC, outer pearl circle

The ancient coin on the page is present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of Mr. Pavlos S. Pavlou.

The coin corresponds to the description at number 2274 in the Moushmov catalog and is described in AMNG I at position 3511 (AMNG = Die antiken Münzen Nord-Griechenlands, B. Pick, 1898).

About the denomination of the coin

The denomination value is marked by letter Δ. Letter Δ being the fourth of the alphabet, stands for the value of 4. In AMNG all coins with busts of Gordian and Tranquillina are considered to be 4.5 assaria coins (the half of assarion was marked by an <).

The coins of 4 assaria and a half are specific to Tomis, while the design with confronted busts is specific to the provincial large 5 assaria pieces.

About the legend on the obverse

The legend accompanying the busts of emperor Gordian III and of his wife Tranquillina is AVT K M ANTΩNIOC ΓOPΔIANOC CABINIA TPANKVΛΛINA, standing for the Greek translation of Latin IMPERATOR CAESAR MARCUS ANTONIUS GORDIANUS and SABINIA TRANQUILLINA.

About Zeus

Zeus (Jupiter of Jove at the Romans) was the most important god of the Greek pantheon, master of the sky, king of the gods and humans. Zeus was son of Titan Cronus and of his wife Rhea, being born in the island of Crete. For taking over the power Zeus made a ten year war with the Titans. He was allied with his brothers and sisters, but also with the Cyclopes (they provided him the thunderbolt) and with Hecatonchires. Zeus had many wives and sweethearts - goddesses and mortal women - and a large number of sons and daughters.

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