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10 lei 1990 10 lei 1990
23 mm diameter, 4.65 g, nickel plated steel, flat edge
Incuse on the edge: waving line
denomination "10 LEI" and year 1990, laurel branches at left and at right
ROMANIA, 22 DECEMBRIE 1989 and olive branch over Romanian flag

Issuing date: 26th of December 1990

Mintage: 30.000.000 coins in 1990

               31.303.000 coins in 1991

               60.000.000 coins in 1992

adornments on the edge

The edge of the coin is adorned with two wavy lines, separated by a rhombus. The small diagonal of the two rhombi is vertical.

Engraved by Vasile Gabor. This coin was issued on 26th of December 1990. The information concerning the mintage figures for the coins struck after 1989 is given after "Standard Catalog of World Coins", editor G. Cuhaj.

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