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50 bani 2021 - 2020 European Football Championship
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23.75 mm diameter, 6.1 g, brass Cu80Zn15Ni5, flat edge, with inscription ROMANIA (two times)
Obverse: ROMANIA, face value 50 BANI, coat of arms of Romania, year 2021, a football player running with the ball on his foot, a football field and the National Arena stadium in Bucharest, inscription (microtext) CAMPIONATUL EUROPEAN DE FOTBAL meaning THE EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP written several times, on three lines
Reverse: a soccer ball, inscription (microtext) ”Campionatul European de Fotbal” meaning ”European Football Championship”, written continuously on several lines, to form the meshes of a goal net; circular inscription CAMPIONATUL EUROPEAN DE FOTBAL 2020 meaning EUROPEAN FOOTBALL CHAMPIONSHIP 2020

Issuing date: 11th of June 2020

Maximum mintage: 20,000 coins

The European Football Championship in 2020 took place in 2021 due to the COVID-19 pandemic caused by a new coronavirus. Romania hosted four matches, all played on the National Arena in Bucharest.

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