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50 lei 2005
415th Anniversary of the Birth of Grigore Ureche
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50 lei 2005 - 415th Anniversary of the Birth of Grigore Ureche - Republic of Moldova 50 lei 2005 - 415th Anniversary of the Birth of Grigore Ureche - Republic of Moldova
30 mm diameter, 16.5 g, 92.5% silver, flat edge
year 2005, circular inscription REPUBLICA MOLDOVA meaning "REPUBLIC OF MOLDAVIA" and the coat of arms of the Republic of Moldavia, in exergue denomination "50 LEI"
effigy of chronicler Grigore Ureche, a scroll with the inscription "LETOPISEȚUL ȚĂRII MOLDOVEI" meaning "Chronicle of the Land of Moldavia", a feather above, inscription "GRIGORE URECHE", years 1590 - 1647

The coin was struck at the Romanian State Mint, having a mintage of 500 pieces. We are grateful to Mr. Yu_L.Yan that sent us pictures of this coin.

About the chronicler Grigore Ureche

Grigore Ureche (1590 - 1647) was the son of Nestor Ureche (important Moldavian boyar, a very rich person, founder of the Secu Monastery in the county of Neamț). Grigore Ureche studied in Poland, maybe at the Jesuitic school from Lviv (Romanian name: Liov; Polish name: Lwow; Russian name: Lvov; German name: Lemberg), maybe at the school of the Orthodox Brotherhood from the city. He was grand spatharius and grand vornic of the Lower Country (in the medieval times Moldavia was divided into Upper and Lower Country, each one administrated by a grand vornic). The vornic was a state official charged with internal affairs problems, and also judge at the law court. In his chronicle (written during the times of prince Vasile Lupu, that were quite peaceful and prosperous times for Moldavia) he put down the history of Moldavia between 1359 and 1594.

the signature of the chronicler Gligorie (Grigore) Ureche - from the book Istoria literaturii române (History of the Romanian Literature) by George Călinescu

About "Letopisețul Țării Moldovei" (Chronicle of the Land of Moldavia)

The chronicle of Ureche is the first important Moldavian writing in Romanian. The manuscript of Grigore Ureche was lost. Today just copies were left (some of them written in Walachia!), the original text being completed with interpolations by Simion Dascălul, Misail Călugărul or Axinte Uricariul. Unfortunately, the chronicle was not finished due to the death of Ureche.

About the writing of Grigore Ureche, George Călinescu noted in his "Istoria literaturii române" (History of the Romanian Literature): "The phrases fall in heavy brocades or in slices like honey. The talking of the chronicler is sweet and cruel, quiet and full of ironic edges. Ureche does not have epical invention and, frankly speaking, he does not know to tell. But the language rises on little spaces small epical scenes, fast as some unfolding clouds."

Great patriot, Grigore Ureche evidently likes the princes that raised up Moldavia. He does not tell facts that, in the vision of the chronicler, lowered the prestige of Moldavia (Ștefan Ciobanu, "Istoria literaturii române vechi", History of the Old Romanian Literature).

The chronicle of Ureche is very important today both for historiography and for the history of the old Romanian language and literature.

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