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100 rubles 2007
Ataman Alexander Kucher
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100 rubles 2007 - Ataman Alexander Kucher - Transnistria 100 rubles 2007 - Ataman Alexander Kucher - Transnistria
32 mm diameter, 14.14 g, silver 92.5%, flat edge
Obverse: denomination "100 RUBLEI" (Cyrillic), coat of arms of the self proclaimed republic of Transnistria (bearing hammer and sickle), inscription "PRIDNESTROVSKII RESPUBLIKANSKII BANK" (in Cyrillic and Russian) meaning "[TRANS] NISTRIAN REPUBLICAN BANK", year 2007, below the silver fineness - 925
Reverse: image of the bridge over River Nistru at Tighina, with one separatist soldier attacking the Moldavian city of Tighina (armed with an unmistakable AK-47 Kalashnikov assault rifle), an image of ataman Kucher (colonel, after the three big stars on the shoulder), above the coat of arms of the Black Sea Cossack Host, with the year of the establishment, 1787, inscriptions "ALEKSANDR KUCER 1947-1992", "VOISKOVOI ATAMAN CKV" meaning "COSSACK ATAMAN OF CKV" and, on a ribbon, "PRIDNESTROVIE - KRAI KAZACII" meaning [Trans]NISTRIA - COSSACK LAND (inscriptions with Cyrillic letters, in Russian)

Mintage: 500 coins

Cossack Host (meaning Army) of the Black Sea - CKV, Cernomorskoe Kazacie Voisko - was established in 1787, through the ukaze of empress Catherine II, comprizing mainly Zaporozhian Cossacks. The Host was bestowed with the area between Southern Bug River and River Nistru, with the seat at Slobozia, near the future placement of not yet settled town of Tiraspol. In 1792 these Cossacks were displaced to Kuban, North of Caucasus. In 1860 it become part of the Cossack Host of Kuban.

In December 1991, the Cossack Host of the Black Sea was reestablished in Transnistria, colonel Alexandru Kucher, former second in command of the 14th Russian Army commander being invested ataman. To a simpler understanding , the Cossack Host reprezented a major component of the combatant forces that attacked the legit authorities of the Republic of Moldova, being used to boost the picture of popular support toward founding a state of Transnistria. Kucher fell in the "defence" combats against "Moldavian and Romanian neo fascists", as he himself called the state authorities of the Republic of Moldova.

The coin belongs to the series Transnistria, Cossack Land.

This is a coin issued by Transnistria. Knowing one might rightfully be wondering what is Transnistria about, we tried to depict on the site the issue as best as we could. Click the links below to clarify yourself.

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Why Transnistrian Coins on Romanian Coins?

Because Transnistrian coins are held in their pockets and used as such by Romanian speaking Romanians on their native land.

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