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250 lei 1939, 1940
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30 mm diameter, 12 g, silver 83.5%,
copper 16.5%, flat edge
denomination "250 LEI", Romanian coat of arms and year 1939, wreath made from grapevine with leaves and clusters and wheat ears
inscription "CAROL II REGELE ROMANILOR" meaning "KING OF THE ROMANIANS", CAROL II head facing right.
Under the neck lies H. IONESCU, the engraver's name.

Mintage in 1939: 10.000.000 coins

Mintage in 1940:   8.000.000 coins

The silver coin pictures above are present on Romanian coins through the kind permission of an anonymous donor.

Two different signs were used to separate the words in the incuse inscription on the edge (images above). Each sign appears two times. The first sign is a cross in a square, the second is a Maltese cross looking like the one used by the organization "Straja Țării" - The Country Ward, initiated and patronized by the king Carol II. The two signs are presented in the pictures below. The Maltese cross marks the beginning of the words CREDINTA and NATIUNE.

Coins with the face value of 250 lei were struck also under the king Mihai I (Michael I), in 1941. These coins bear on the edge the inscriptions NIHIL SINE DEO or TOTUL PENTRU TARA. Although the faces bearing the value of 250 lei seem to be identical, they are different. An obvious difference is shown in the detail pictures below (the wheat leaf near digit 2 in 250 is straight on the 1939 coins, at left, or bent on the 1941 coins, at right). Below is also presented a 1940 coin, through the kind permission of Mr. Radu Lissner.

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