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100 lei 2003 Apahida Eagle
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13.92 mm diameter, 1.224 grams 99.9% Au, proof quality, grained edge Obverse: Romanian Coat of Arms, denomination "100 Lei" and the inscription "ROMANIA". Ornaments: a polygonal medallion
Reverse: graphics of the ornamental plate found at Apahida (near Cluj - Napoca) and a circular inscription "VULTUR APAHIDA", VULTUR meaning VULTURE or EAGLE

Issuing date: 14th of April 2003

Mintage: 2000 coins

The coin pictures an eagle (vulture) shaped golden plaque belonging to the Germanic strain of the Gepids. In fact, it is a piece of harness made of gold and embellished with garnets (red gems). It was found in 1968 in a hoard at Apahida (the Romanian county of Cluj).

The representation of the eagle is not at all singular. See below an Ostrogoth artifact picture (at right) taken from an Italian history book.

Golden Eagle of Apahida Similar Artifact from Italy

The Apahidan eagle coin was engraved by Vasile Gabor. Up to 2.000 pieces were struck, not more - cannot tell the exact number.

The History of gold series comprises four pieces of 500 lei from 2001 (featuring the golden cache of Pietroasa), three 100 lei coins from 1999 (and from 2002 and 2003 too) with the Dacian helmet of Poiana-Coțofenești, from 2003 with an eagle from Apahida, from 2004 with the Cantacuzinian engolpion and several of 10 new lei from 2005 with the Perșinari hoard, from 2006 with the Cucuteni-Băiceni hoard, from 2007 with the rhyton of Poroina, from 2008 with the Hinova hoard, from 2010 with the Someșeni hoard, from 2011 with the buckle of Curtea de Argeș and with the cross from Dinogetia and from 2012 with the patera from Pietroasa Hoard.

It was sold in a plastic capsule.

Sold for 1.350.000 lei (about 38 €). But if you really want to have it, you are to buy another wooden box that will hold it, worth another 150.000 lei. The plastic capsule is well fit inside the box, but the coin itself IS NOT inside a rubber ring that, itself, isn't well suited with the plastic receptacle I told above. So the coin goes like free hither and thither despite a vaunted wrapping and a high price.

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