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10 lei 2007 - The Rhyton of Poroina
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13.92 mm diameter, 1.224 g, 99.9% gold, grained edge
Obverse: ROMANIA,, coat of arms of Romania, face value 10 LEI, the rhyton of Poroina, year 2007
Reverse: the rhyton, two personages represented on the rhyton, inscription "RHYTONUL DE LA POROINA" meaning "THE RHYTON OF POROINA"

Issuing date: 28th of December 2007

Mintage: 500 coins

About the rhyton of Poroina

A rhyton is a cup having the shape of a drinking horn, with the end usually modeled as an animal head. This cup is made of silver, with several parts gilded, and was discovered in the 19th century in Poroina Mare, a village from Mehedinți county. The rhyton is 9 centimeters in diameter at the rim, 28 centimeters in height and it weighs approximately 350 grams. The tip of the cup is shaped as a bull head. The bull has no horns, ears or eyes (elements that initially existed).

On the rhyton four personages are represented, all dressed in chiton, with bare arms and legs, are represented. Two of them are represented sitting on stools, holding rhytons in hand. Most probably the scene depicted on the neck of the rhyton is a religious one, the four personages being priests performing a sort of ritual.

The rhyton of Poroina is considered to have Thraco-Getic origin, being dated in 5th-3rd century BC. The adornment has certain Thraco-Getic elements, but also Iranian and Hellenistic elements. The rigid attitude of the personages and the schematic representation shows that the rhyton was crafted, most probably, in a local workshop.

Nowadays the rhyton can be admired at the National History Museum of Romania in Bucharest.

The 10 lei 2007 gold coin (rhyton of Poroina) pictures above are present on the site through the permission of an anonymous donor.

The History of gold series comprises four pieces of 500 lei from 2001 (featuring the golden cache of Pietroasa), three 100 lei coins from 1999 (and from 2002 and 2003 too) with the Dacian helmet of Poiana-Coțofenești, from 2003 with an eagle from Apahida, from 2004 with the Cantacuzinian engolpion and several of 10 new lei from 2005 with the Perșinari hoard, from 2006 with the Cucuteni-Băiceni hoard, from 2007 with the rhyton of Poroina, from 2008 with the Hinova hoard, from 2010 with the Someșeni hoard, from 2011 with the buckle of Curtea de Argeș and with the cross from Dinogetia and from 2012 with the patera from Pietroasa Hoard.

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