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10 lei 2007
Red Book - European ground squirrel
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24.5 mm diameter, 13.5 g, 92.5% silver, flat edge
year 2004, circular inscription REPUBLICA MOLDOVA meaning "REPUBLIC OF MOLDAVIA" and the coat of arms of the Republic of Moldavia, in exergue denomination "10 LEI"
inside an inner linear circle an European ground squirrel, circular inscription · CARTEA ROȘIE · POPÂNDĂU COMUN · SPERMOPHILUS CITELLUS meaning "RED BOOK EUROPEAN GROUND SQUIRREL" (the scientific name being written with cursive capital letters)

Issuing date: 18th of December 2007

Maximum mintage: 500 coins

The Red Book series comprises the following 10 lei silver coins (over to June 2018):

- wildcat and green woodpecker in 2001,

- black stork and European mink in 2003,

- pine marten in 2004,

- imperial eagle in 2005,

- great bustard in 2006,

- European ground squirrel in 2007 and

- white waterlily in 2008.

The series also comprises the following 50 lei coins:

- Eurasian spoonbill in 2011,

- otter and lady's slipper in 2012,

- mute swan and Coenagrion mercuriale damselfly in 2013,

- glossy ibis and the peony Paeonia peregrina in 2014,

- European pond turtle in 2015,

- red-breasted goose in 2016,

- Dianthus deltoides - maiden pink in 2018 (2017).

About European ground squirrel - Spermophilus citellus

European ground squirrel is a small mammal (having approximately 20 centimeters in length and about one quarter of kilogram) that lives in colonies, preferring the droughty places. The ground squirrel digs individual burrows into the ground. The animal comes out from his burrow during the day, to forage for food. It is a close relative of the red squirrel, both belonging th the Sciuridae family. (after Ion Simionescu, Fauna României - Fauna of Romania)

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